Monday, June 17, 2013

Shoretel DID hitting Voicemail Directly

I was experiencing an issue with a phone where when someone called a user's DID it would hit their Voicemail.  Checked all the settings and the Call handling and everything was setup correctly where the the call should hit the Voicemail after 5 rings.... Confusing!!

Workaround to fix the issue, was to create a new Route Point in the Director.   First I had to remove the DID from the user's profile.  Then I created a Route Point for the DID and under Call handling I Call Forwarded the DID to the user's extension.  This seemed to have resolved the issue.


  1. Login into the Director
  2. Under Call Control Go to Route Point
  3. Click on Add New 
  4. Type in a name for the Route Point
  5. Accept the default extension number or type one that is not in use
  6. Enter the user's DID that is giving trouble
  7. Under Call Handling  Call Forward Always to the User's internal Extension.

Please note, this is a workaround to get the problem resolved.

How to Telnet into a Shoretel Phone

Yes, there is a way to telnet into a shoretel phone?  Well, when would you ever use this useless piece of information?  Probably never.  I had to do just this yesterday at a site where the phones were setup using Static IP addresses as there is no DHCP server.   User complained that the date and time on the phone was wrong and I just knew that the tech who setup the phone probably put the wrong IP address for SNTP server, so i had to figure out how to fix the issue without standing in front of the physical phone.

When you need to telnet into the phone it has to be done from the ShoreTel HQ server.  You will also need to have the IP address of the phone that you need to telnet into.  This information can easily be gathered from the Director.  Login into the Director and on the Navigation go to IP Phones => Individual IP Phones.

Once you have the IP address of the phone that you need to Telnet into

1.  Login into the ShoreTel Server
2.  Open up a Command Prompt, and change the directory to x:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\shoreware server  (x is the drive letter where your Shoretel Software is installed to)
3.  Type "phonectl -pw 1234 -telneton".  If you kept  the default password then it is 1234, otherwise type the password that you are using in your environment.   (Please note is the IP address of the phone that you are trying to telnet into.
4.  You should now be telnetted into the phone, if the telnet fails try Steps 1 through 3 again.

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Unfortunately, I was not able to set the SNTP server on the phone via telnet, there is no command for it.  If anyone knows a command to set or change a parameter via telnet please post here.   If you just want to simply view the configuration on the phone, after you follow steps above and have telnet connection type:

printsysInfo, this will show you the running config of the phone.