Saturday, March 31, 2007

File Restoring Tools and Utilities

File restore utilities and tools are really not cut out to be what they promise. I have in desperation tried a couple of the utilities available in the market place to restore deleted files from Windows with very little success.
The 2 utilities that I used were
1. File Restore - Part of the Winternals Admin Pak 5 (now owned by Microsoft)
2. Recover My Files - Get Data

The first one being more expensive than Recover My files as it is only sold as part of the entire Admin Pak which runs around $1199. That's a steep price to pay for a file restore utility that promises to restore your deleted data from command prompt, recycle bin data that was deleted.
As I understand part of the problem with restoring permanently deleted files from windows is that the deleted files get overwritten as the computer is in use by your Internet cache files, so there is a high likelihood that part of the files could get overwritten and even if you are able to restore some files they might be corrupted.

I used Recover my files for a user who had deleted some important folders on their computer. The install was simple and the user interface easy enough for anyone with little PC experience to use.

The file restore utility from Admin Pak 5 of Winternals was not that great either. I had deleted some files on one of the servers by accident by writing an incorrect script that deleted files under a wrong path. I installed it on a windows 2000 server, it took about 3 hours to seach my hard-drive and came with nothing.

If anyone out there has worked with some good windows file restore utilities that have worked for them, I am all ears.

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