Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adobe Acrobat X "Invalid Serial Number" error during install

Experienced an issue when installing Adobe Acrobat X for a client.  We downloaded the software from Adobe Licensing website.  During the install when we entered the Serial Number that was listed on the Licensing Website, we received an error "Invalid Serial Number".  This was Odd because both the Software and the Serial Number was downloaded from Adobe Licensing website. 
We discovered later after speaking with Adobe Customer Service that Adobe had posted wrong installer and that this was an issue.  If someone purchased a license for Adobe Acrobat X Standard, their Licensing website would post an installer for Adobe Acrobat X Pro version instead.   So anyone else experiencing this issue will need to contact customer service.   I was told that Adobe Engineers are working to resolve the problem by posting the correct version of the Installer on the Licensing Portal.

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