Monday, June 11, 2007

owa 440 login timeout

Problems with OWA. When a user logs into OWA session or to the Remote Workplace website there is an error message

"owa 440 login timeout"

I ran into this problem with one of my clients using SBS 2K3 server for exchange and sharepoint services.

It turned out that someone had changed the password for either the IUSR_ or IWAM_ in the AD and the old password was still being used in the IIS. Basically you have to sync the passwords between the AD and IIS for the above 2 users. Before you follow the steps listed below make sure to go into AD and check that these user accounts are not locked out and also make sure Password Never Expires and Cannot change password checkboxes are checked.

Anyways to resolve this issue follow these steps listed below:

1) Open AD Users & Computers. Expand the Users OU, right-click on the IUSR_ account and select 'Reset password' Reset the password to anything you want (however, it can't be blank).

2) Open this User Account's properties and verify that the account is not locked out :^) Also, make sure that 'Password never expires' and 'User cannot change password' are selected.

3) Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the IWAM_ account. Close AD Users & Computers.

4) Open Internet Information Services (Start | Administrative Tools)

5) Expand | Web Sites

6) Right-click on 'Default Web Site' and select Properties.

7) Go to the 'Directory Security' tab and click the Edit button under 'Authentication & Access Control'

8) Enter the new password for the IUSR_ account and click OK.

9) Enter the password again to confirm and click OK.

10) Click OK.

11) Open a command prompt and enter iisreset

12) At the command prompt, enter the following commands:
cd c:\inetpub\adminscripts
adsutil SET w3svc/WAMUserPass (Where = the password you entered for the IWAM_ account in AD Users & Computers)
c:\windows\system32\cscript.exe "c:\inetpub\adminscripts\synciwam.vbs" -v

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